Obelisk (Remastered)

by Sean Jones, Cajun

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Remixed, and Remastered. Heavier, more psychadelic, and, most importantly, more figuratively stoned than before.

In memory of Warrick Fister


released February 2, 2017

Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sean Jones at Blue Plaid Studios, Charlotte, NC

Special thanks to: Blackstar HT-20, BC Rich NJ Classic Mockingbird, Gibson SG, and drop tuning.



all rights reserved


Sean Jones, Cajun Charlotte, North Carolina

I'm just a guy that enjoys making music that pushes my boundaries. Hopefully it pushes yours too.

For the love of god, don't take me seriously

I expect fame, fortune, and, most of all, female consorts.

Please let me
know what you think at www.facebook.com/seanjonescajun/!
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Track Name: Obelisk (White Chalk Caravan/Holy Dune)
[White Chalk Caravan]

They walk across the white-chalk
Desert-laden sand
Above eyes glistens moon-rock
Sun-soaked blackened Rand

The seeker knows the Fields are drying
His pilgrimage might be in vain
Heat of Magnus evaporating
The Latex-Love blister death lain

He reached the prophets hilltop


The bees made honey in the tattered bones of those who'd gone before
They're no more
The face-snaked of those among them wished to turn back to the shore
They feared lore

(Sermon 1)

"There's no promise of gold in these Hills
Seek not the temptations of truth-in-all
There is wisdom in nickel laden hands
Follow the thunderous sound born of Sunns"
This he said speaking of ritual, then pressed on.

[Holy Dune]

(Procession to Holy Dune)

The white chalk turned black as the blood
of the Gods in bloom
As they neared the most sacred site
at the top of Holy Dune

(First Prayer)

and they prayed

"Let the Wildfire Sunrise come alive this day, for the ground dries in it's stead"

(Rise of the New Medium)

The New Medium rises in the distance



Its all, its all over
New God, new moral compass
Freedom is all extinguished
Where shall we go reverent?
How shall we tell right from wrong,
If there's a contradiction?

(Rebuking the Faithful)

There's no, there's no new meaning
There's no, there's no new meaning
Its just the same as before
Its just the same as before
There's no, there's no new meaning
There's no, there's no new meaning
There's no, there's no new meaning
There's no, there's no new meaning

(Second Prayer)

Seeker set fire
Beneath feet
Serpent desire

(Sermon 2)

The seeker turns to those who follow, tar rock in hand
They ask him for the wisdom of the useless land
As a rule of lawful order, he tells them all a lie
And in a bid for greater pension, he tells them all to die

They understand not mysticism, and beg for the plain
The seeker tells them nothing, but their efforts are not in vain

(Meditation of the Seeker: Right body, Right constitution, Right self)


Nothing could have come of it


The land was dry
The land was no more


All was left to die
All was let burn