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released June 3, 2017

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Sean Jones at Blue Plaid Studios.



all rights reserved


Sean Jones, Cajun Charlotte, North Carolina

I'm just a guy that enjoys making music that pushes my boundaries. Hopefully it pushes yours too.

For the love of god, don't take me seriously

I expect fame, fortune, and, most of all, female consorts.

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Track Name: Mouth
It gets so dark in here
I think I've caught the fear
Happens this time of year
Things scratching the veneer
All is less than clear

Come inside

Keep quiet
Mouth shut
Get down
And back up

But I'll lay here forever
Looking for a mouth
To give me shelter

Then my sparrow flies too close to the moon
He'll get there soon
Then my sorrow drags on into June
Eclipse the view

Oh, my pretty
I'll break whatever I find
And it'll be fine

Loose to the left
Tight to the right
Pretend I'm deaf
Pretend I won't bite

Turn the page each day it remains the same
Same words and refrain
Like a blot or a stain
Nonetheless it remains

So I dreamed I
Might one day reply
Somewhat dignified
Looks like I stayed too shy

Look around I'm getting older
But the world's getting colder
And I can't sleep
Through it all
At all

And my shadow looks like somebody else's
But I'm clueless
Blind, I follow ribbed up by corpses
That got me through this

And oh, my pretty
I'll break whatever I find
and it might be fine
Track Name: Long
Been down and got them long waiting blues
She done gone and left me lone save my tune
Don't know if it'll ever be too soon

Let the days drag on, and I'll drink 'em too
I'll brush with brawn, care not I, if I lose
Little one that's what I would do for you

Tight words
As I'm told they go
fuse me
more than I could show

Languish like a drug
Gimme more 'till i'm stuffed

Oh she wakes my dreams like a crashing plate
I've no desire to leave, no desire to forget

And I'll be in this thing until it buries me
And I've climbed up from dirt before so easily

Lose the look and consider that this pasture might be the most green
I'll do myself a favor and pretend not to be watching

One more reason why
Less is learned in flight
The deed is done and gone
The days are getting long

if I knew, Love
if I knew, Love
if I knew, Love
if I knew, Love

Oh, dream girl
Come o'er to me
I'll show you what to see

Oh, woman
With eyes wide as seas
You be that
You're always free
from me

Your eyes shine
White owl night
Me in better light
Than I have or have deserved

There's the fear of what
Comes to be

if I knew, Love

Oh, and
There is nothing left
To do

if I knew, Love
if I knew, Love

I'm having trouble keeping time
More-so questioning keeping rhyme

This feeling is not leaving
This color is not bleeding

I don't want
to go alone
Track Name: Stunt
Not all at once

Keep your hands to yourselves

I'll answer one

At a time stay in line man

You rabble

Jimmy stop drooling on

You're twenty-three

You should know better but no

Prime (er!) time

Bust it break it
Like a fucking
Child of the south

Pick up trucks aren't a degree

even with lifts
Track Name: Bull
I've seen this type of thing before
you're in for
so much more

la, la, la la

Oh my cow,
I've not always been mine
no, no no

and it's gone down to the dime
this time

There's a way of speaking in which
Nothing is said

Over and over again
and again
and again

Slowing down another time
Lapping at the waterline
Hungry for another taste
Never entering the race

Apathy, lethargy

Run that
One more time

bit more


A bull walks into a rather crowded bar
The bartender asks "Could I get you something to drink?"
and the bull said "I'll take a glass of your finest milk
if that's not too much to ask."

Oh, I've seen the light, I've seen it
I've seen the tunnel too
I don't mind having these conflicting views

Here we are
again and there's a backwards visage in the sink
I don't know what its trying to say to me
Maybe i'm not so pretty, horns and all
Its looking more like a pall

Look at yourself!
Look at yourself!
Look at yourself!

It starts to look a little bit more acceptable after a while
Fortunately it passes without much time
No need for staying in line

Down Down!
Down Down!
Down Down!
Down Down!

Down away from you,
My heart is feeling blue

All of the words and the music are gone
just like you
But I can't help bu sing along
to the tune
Track Name: Mystery
Where'm I goin'
Where'm I goin' to
Where'm I goin'
Where'm I goin' to

Trouble's showin'
Trouble's showin', oh yes it do
Trouble's showin
Trouble's showin, oh lord it's you

I know that face
I've seen it a thousand times
Because you're late
or somethin' else on your mind
It's still a mystery to me
It's still a mystery to me

The devil's laughin
The devil's laughin at me and you
The devil's laughin
The devil's laughin, you know its true

He's lookin' up
at you and I
We made him laugh
until he cried
It aint no mystery to me
He and I were just meant to be

I'll never show it
I'll never show my face again
I'll never show it
I'll never show my face again

Where'm I goin'
Where'm I goin' to
Where'm I goin'
Where'm I goin' to
Track Name: Broke
Ive come too far
And fallen for my old prose

I fear its gone back to this again

Hey, it was too soon to cut the cord
Now I've got stains all over my floor from you

It looks like
A farce is coming over, and
The thoughts are getting bolder, and
I'm still getting older, and
Chances run out

Time is ticking downwards, till
All that's left is onwards, and
Never again, never again
Never again

The cut's hidden somewhere I cannot see
It bleeds

I'll deny 'till I have no more my eyes
I don't want it to go

no, no, no

I get farther with the turning
Turning of the day

The meloncholy consumes me

I'd wait for a hundred years if it would
Bring back you
But it can't seem to

Words, and words fill up my mouth; they won't run out
Though I've struck out

The roses are blooming again, and again, and.

Older bones are calling me to come home
To get gone
And I believed they had me wrong: I'm strong
For how long?
Can I hold on?
For how long?

Then my structure drowns under the water
Broken and under

Oh, my pretty
I'll break whatever I find
And it's about time

Here's my hope, I say
(Hoping on)
What I have you'll take
(Hoping on)
And with that you'll say

This man has seen something we have ought
This man has been something we have not

But I'll be dead and you will not
(Hoping on)

Here's my remnant piece
By which think of me.