Ethylene Glycol

by Sean Jones, Cajun

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For Frank


released March 17, 2017

Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by
Sean Jones at Blue Plaid Studios



all rights reserved


Sean Jones, Cajun Charlotte, North Carolina

I'm just a guy that enjoys making music that pushes my boundaries. Hopefully it pushes yours too.

For the love of god, don't take me seriously

I expect fame, fortune, and, most of all, female consorts.

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know what you think at!
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Track Name: Eudaimonia
Ignorance is a burden not recommended to be overcome

When the morning after
Doesn't come
Its caught up in a beautiful sky

Ain't that hard to see a few things
a few...

Come on!

That would be crucial to
Your development
I know its hard to find
when you don't want to look
Your eyes could make ones of kind
out of a rotten cookbook
Its not a mirage

Oh! you've got to see
the lights behind those eyes
Don't be like me
Don't be like me

Colored glass
Colored glasses
Rose colored glasses
Rose colored glasses

Have you seen her hair?
Have you seen his face?

Rose colored glasses
Rose colored glasses

And he'll wait on the side of the road for you
and he'll do anything for you
He knows its a cliche but it's true
He don't care
His underwear
is on his head
mad man
blank stare
don't mind me
fun, fun, fun, fun, fun

Such a waste, it seems

Maybe I can pierce
Through the overwhelm-
ing shell of repentance that you carry with you

Ignorance isn't girded from the flourishing minds in tandem

It ain't true
It ain't true
It ain't you

Trust me, I found out the hard way
And I never woulda' guessed that it would've gone down today
You shouldn't be worried
'Cause this whole thing turns out to be a piece of cake
Track Name: Deuterium Oxide
On the waterfront
Track Name: The Asphodel Meadows
Move down the tree

Toward older roots
Where plays O' quiet tunes
Memories and distance criss-cross
Therein the forgotten
Vale of purposed dirt
Stone does shield the eyes
From the sun
Water Gurgling
The only light we'll see

And in the summer months when the heat creeps in
All those wanderers take refuge in my mountain
I watched them gather there, patiently waiting

Their footsteps echoed in my hallways
I heard them coming careless that day
Track Name: All Dried Up
I am useless

And the monsters in the closet are back
Smooth sailors
Crude wailers

Move, move
Along, so-long

And I wonder if I could do it all again
Stupid, sunder, then die on account of men
And I wonder if I failed you

No more
For my
Last shred of dignity
Lets just forget it

I know this is something that gets you going
So I think I'll indulge you
I like you're thinking of the end of what it is
And I know that does not hurt much

There's no common ground to strike
between shameless and shameful
Brownie points for tryin'

There's no differential match to light
that does not end up harmful

I'm not too afraid of what comes next
I'm not too ashamed of what it could've been

Lets get ahead baby
Lets not worry

I'm not too afraid
I'm not too ashamed

Troublesome lies
Hide in plain sight
Confuse the ride

This is just as fun for me as it might seem
I've bathed in acid lines for decades on heels

I'm too old to trust
I'm too old to rust

I need some help

Look out for the gaze of his eye
It makes fools of men
The moment it meets you has gone awry


Rose colored glass

But that's okay